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Fireball Table Soccer

For those of you that play this game at a higher level, you will understand what it takes for a table and a ball to be this good. I learned this simple tic tac movement on the 5 row in less than 5 minutes.

I don't think any Foosball table and ball ever has had this much control.

The USA PRO Coin Op table


The Coin Operator will enjoy the ease of maintenance. The Player will enjoy playing on the finest playing table in the world.

The Fireball table line has a 1" under-layment board that is glued to the playing surface. This is the thickest Playing surface combination in the world. Plus, Huge T beams that support the surface to the walls and gives a solid bridge from side to side. This will help insure the playing surface remains flat for many years to come.

The Fireball Coin Op model is the thickest side walls in the industry. At 2" thick side walls, both the lower and upper cabinet has this heavy duty feature.

At 350 lbs this table is super stable not just because of the sheer weight but also due to the structural engineered bolt design.

assembling-bolts-to-sides1 The legs are bolted into the side of the cabinet in four spots. This adds a great amount of stability to  the  heavy duty design.

assembling-foot The Feet with the ability to adjust for leveling, add yet another great dimension that other tables have chosen to either forget about or go cheap. All Fireball tables have the best foot in the business, this helps keep the table in one spot.


Life is good when you have two Fireball tables!

The USA PRO Coin Op table plays as good as it looks. The cabinet of the Fireball tables are a rich mottled black. The gentle curve at the top of the cabinet gives a smooth almost sleek appearance to this piece of furniture/cabinet.

The low profile, in-line magnetic beads scoring system is really a nice touch that makes this table both functional and stylish.

What is inside that counts


split_cab_2    split_cab_3

The interior working of the Fireball Coin Op has many features that are time proven, as well as innovations through engineering to help meet the demands of the vendor.

Along with a 1" playing surface to help keep the surface flat, Fireball has added two heavy duty, wide "T" supports. Built like no other table, this will prove to be a solid table for many years.

CO0open   split_cab_1  The ball ramps that feed the channel is simple and straight forward. Wide and easy to clean is one of the most important aspects to keeping the games moving.

The adjustable latch is centered and access is through the ball retrieval hole. This latch keeps the top cabinet from jumping up, which is common in other split cabinet designs. This latch is hidden and a lock is provided to prevent access to the interior. Fireball's attention to details, like this latch system will lead the way. Fireball is dedicated in helping the vendor in two ways. Making a better engineered table and making a better playing experience.

COhingecounter-mech A closer look at the adjustable latching system, as well as the counter that is activated by the action on the ball drop when the coin mech is pushed in. Keeping things simple. The photo shows the push plate that is connected to the coin mech.

ESD coin mech pushing the hinged ball channel

COmech-pushing-forward    COcoinmechpushing-more

Releasing the balls

COcoinmechpushing-more2  The smooth action of the ESD 5 slot coin mechanism pushes forward in an effect and simplistic designed drop zone. Using an aluminum channel to funnel the balls down and away from the ramps onto a hinged channel to drop exactly nine balls every time. Whether you have 10 or 20 balls in the table, only nine balls will drop.

The coin box that holds 1000 coins

COcoinboxThe coin box is very important to have easy access as well as secure.

 Fireball made this box to all the  functions expected as well as provide the vendor a double-lock system.


Big strong hinges and an innovative strut system makes this split cabinet easy to work with. The top can be removed by sliding the top off similar to other tables on the market. The difference is size. Fireball uses a much larger hinge to secure the top to the bottom. Little chance of the top becoming loose. Struts is yet another design difference. Easier to lift and then to lock into place to get to a very large and open interior. Storage is not a problem with Fireballs massive cabinet spacing.

Loaded and ready for action

COopen3  One of the innovations, making the table free play. In the above photo, at the far right of the balls is a black stopper.

COballstophinge2COballstophinge3 Simply pull the black stopper over and out of the of the channel. The stopper flips over the edge on a hinge, allowing the balls to flow down into the ball retrieval area. Again, simple and easy to work. If security is an issue in an establishment, the hinge has two holes to apply a set of screws to keep this function in place.

CO-Spare-parts Spare parts plus balls

3 locks, 2 men, 2 different bearings, 2 different bolts, pins, 2 silicone bottles, 2 bushings, pin drive, Allen wrenches and 10 balls. This will keep you from the parts store for a long time.


The finest engineered rod assembly system in the world

assembling-rod4assembling-bushings2assembling-bushings7 Rods go on super fast and come off faster. The entire Fireball line of tables feature this rod system. All rods are pre-assembled and packed with the table for ease of installation.


The Fireball Coin Op model comes in one box! Compact and is shipped with excellent packing materials.

assembling-box-with-boardassembling-packing-mat Packing the tables is a critical part of our business. Moving the tables by freight companies is a necessity, so we take packing all our tables very serious. Fireball wants you to understand we work hard at making your buying experience a quality experience.


ITSF Home model / USA PRO Home models

The home model tables by Fireball have solid, good looking cabinets with a durable outside finish. The ITSF Model 1 man goalie (pictured above) has recessed score beads and black anodized rods. The  Fireball USA PRO Model (below) comes with a 3 man goalie rod, but otherwise offers the exact same playing features as the ITSF Model. As you can see this is a serious table for the serious player. (picture courtesy of Mr. E. Moore)



3 man Goalie with all the Bells and Whistles


TOUR model

 one man goalie and lighter rods


The TOUR Model 1 man goalie 

The TOUR has the same strong features as the ITSF model with a couple of changes. The scoring beads are traditional. The rods are lighter, super fast and strong. The ITSF licensing plaque is not available to this table. All of this makes this table a great value. 

Side of Table

Dual Ball Return: Both Models come with dual ball return outlets for each side of the table. This feature makes for easy accessibility to the balls after a shot has been scored. in addition, the ball returns are engineered to be controlled with an easy access toggle from under the table. A practicing player can have the ball return to the near side for ease and rapid play. For game play the ball is returned to the opposing team or player.

State of the Art Handles: The Handle is made of a rubberized molded plastic that is softer than the wooden handles and is very grippe to control your shots. This also adds to the comfort level to your hands.



Fireball Bearing

The Reese Bearing: Used by all Fireball tables, this highly-engineered, easy to use bearing is second to none in practicality and playing excellence. The Fireball bearing is unique for a number of reasons, but simply put: It makes the rods the fastest and smoothest in the  industry.

The two halves of the bearing fit into the side wall with great ease and precision. This bearing has a built-in reservoir to help maintain the lube on the rods and reduce on-table leakage. The bearings create less friction, allowing the rods to glide on the bearing with the greatest of ease. These quickly removable bearings and larger sidewall holes allow individual rods to be removed in less than 10 seconds.



The Bumper: The Fireball Bumper is made of a rubberized, silicone-resistant material that will last for hundreds, if not thousands of hours of play.

Every table features a two piece bumper that is very durable and responsive.



The Player Figure: The MAN...the most important piece on the table! The Fireball figure has all the control features you'll need to become a great player. It enhances your ball control abilities, whether you pin (front or back) or tic-tac, and allows for razor sharp shooting and passing of the ball. The Fireball man offers the optimal offensive conditions, no matter which shot or pass you use.


The foot of the Fireball man is where all the action takes place. It is critical to have a well designed foot allowing for full offensive versatility.


The front of the man is designed to provide the player the control to brush, chip, slide and even Bank the ball on command. The Fireball foot design captures the ball and gives the player the reliable feel required to make the shots or passes they desire.


The Back of the Fireball man has catching cleats. This design gives the player the greatest chance to catch the ball, and offers the player the best chance to capture the ball as it flies around the table.




The Handle: The Fireball handle is soft, but firm, to provide the player with comfort and feel. It offers a sure grip and a shape that is easy to hold.


The Fireball handle is designed for high quality competitive play. This is the handle that will provide you with the greatest playing experience, whether you use an added wrap or not.



Packing and shipping

Some hints for assembling

After taking the table out of the box put the table on its end. By placing the table on its end access to the bottom is clear to put the legs on. Find the Allen wrench in the box and you'll see two size bolts; one is longer than the other. The longer ones goes on the long wall side, shorter on the ends.

After installing the legs you'll not be able to put on the last two bolts on until you tip it on to its feet. BEFORE you tip in on to its feet make sure that the feet (leg levelers) are in all the way. This way you start out with even legs before you adjust the table for balance and roll. Now that is on its feet put in the two bolts that you were not able to reach and tighten up all the blots.

The Rods are stacked in a holder that provides a secure location while in transit. The men and the handles are already attached and ready to be inserted into the bearing hole.

Clean the Rods and surface first. This will help maintain the bearings and the play surface.

Insert the handle through the hole first and then align with the bearing on the other end and the rod is in place. Now, put on the three piece bearing over the rod. Put a dab of lube on each end of the rod and spin the rod through the bearing and you are ready to move on. 

Level the table and start playing.


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