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Business Advisor: BRAD LAURINE  contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

His credentials are as short as he is... no really they are, but we have to make up something here.

Brad is an accomplished Foosball player, and also an accomplished businessman. With a laugh, Laurine says, "If I was as good in Foosball as I am in business, I would be a Pro Master". Being a Pro Goalie is no easy feat alone. Brad retired from his business in 2004 and has taken the last five years off to enjoy the fruits of his labors.  However Laurine decided last year that he would like to combine his love of golf or foosball into a business venture.

Brad's relationship with Fireball Table Soccer began earlier this year at the Las Vegas  Hall of Fame tournament, "Dennis Jiang came to me in Vegas in March and said he has a Table up in his room and wanted to show me what Fireball was all about", says Brad. "After five minutes on the table and an hour speaking with Dennis, I said to him, Dennis, you need some help and I believe I have the tools to make a national program work."

Brad has been behind the scenes for many years working with a previous players association, Rod Lock, SkillGames International and business relations with Tornado Table Soccer. He has also worked on foosball video projects such as Adrian Zamora's "The Rules of Foosball", Phil Schlaefer's,"Winning Foosball", and most recently the Foosball Master Tour. "FMT is very much ready", Laurine added as a side note.

Brad, who lives on the west coast, has a huge supply of knowledge about business and has an "I Can Achieve" attitude. Laurine states that he believes that, "Table Soccer is a niche sport that will offer everyone, from beginner to pro, hours, or even a lifetime, of enjoyment. "Exposure to the masses has already been done" he says. "Everyone has seen a Foosball table. You know the universal sign!", Brad jokes by twisting his hands in front of himself as if holding the rods. "Everybody does that!" Laurine continues, "So if everyone knows about it, how do we get a handle into their hands and have some fun? Grass roots, Baby! We have a short term plan and a 3 year plan and a long term plan. We have a GREAT Start!"

Brad continues,"We have the greatest group of sales people in the nation. The Players and Promoters are untapped. If Fireball can help the Promoters, then the Promoters can help the players." Laurine goes on to further state, "I have presented the ideas of a business metric that would develop a fundamental relationship with the Promoters in strong areas in North America. We offer them ways of making foosball grow and to make money from sales from the Fireball brand. It is not a new idea, just an idea that DIED. We have a great group of promoters and we will continue to reach out and develop strong relationships to give them a good opportunity to make Foosball a thriving business".


Fireball Manufacture Director: DENNIS JIANG

Fireball Team Master Pro: TONY SPREDEMAN

2010 Director of Promotions: JIM STEVENS


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